We have taken the difficult decision to close Brighter World Energy.

If you are a customer, please note that the energy supply to your home will in no way be affected or interrupted.

Your supply will continue on the exact same terms, with our partner Robin Hood Energy, while your account, balance and tariff will in no way be affected.

Should you wish to move away from Robin Hood Energy at any point – we have ensured you will be able to do so, from today, without exit fees - even if your current tariff includes exit fees.

Answers to any potential questions you may have at this time are included below. Please read in full, and if you have further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch via one of the methods listed.

All that remains for me to do is to sincerely thank you for choosing Brighter World as your energy provider.

As a small, disruptive start-up, we set out on an ambitious mission to make energy fairer for everyone, and we have always worked with integrity and determination at the heart of that mission.

We have taken the tough, but responsible, decision to close at this time, because we no longer believe that market conditions, or our underlying operation, make for a sustainable business model in the long term.

We are proud to be able to fulfill our commitment to you, as our customer, to help provide access to clean energy for a community in Africa by donating remaining funds to our charity partner Renewable World so they can provide solar power to a women’s fishing cooperative in a village on the edge of Lake Victoria, Kenya. Details can be found on the Brighter World Energy Facebook page.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Best regards,

Cheryl Latham

Founder and CEO, Brighter World Energy

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What does this mean?

When Brighter World Energy launched, we originally partnered with not-for-profit supplier Robin Hood Energy, who supply gas and electricity to our customers. Brighter World Energy has chosen to no longer operate as an energy provider, which means that you will automatically become a Robin Hood Energy customer. There is nothing to worry about as your energy supply and account balance will not be affected in any way. Your tariff will be the same price or cheaper, only the name of your tariff will change. If you currently receive online discount you will continue to receive this.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything as you will be automatically transferred to Robin Hood Energy. This will be initiated approximately two weeks from the date of this letter. As part of your transfer you will receive a Robin Hood Energy Welcome Pack that includes your Terms and Conditions and details of how you can contact Robin Hood Energy.

Will your tariffs change?

No. You are currently on a Brighter World Energy tariff(s) and you will automatically transfer to an identically priced, or cheaper, Robin Hood Energy tariff. If you are on a fixed tariff, your tariff end date will not change – however you will not be charged an exit fee if you decide to switch away from your new Robin Hood Energy tariff. The details of your new tariff(s), including your rates, can be found in your new welcome pack.

Will the way I pay for my energy change?

No, the way you pay for your energy will not change. If you currently pay by direct debit, your payments will continue as normal, however, the next statement you receive will be from Robin Hood Energy, instead of Brighter World Energy.  Equally, if you pay on receipt of bill, your next monthly bill will be from Robin Hood Energy and no longer from Brighter World Energy. There will be no other changes to payment methods.

Can I remain a Brighter World Energy customer?

Unfortunately, Brighter World Energy will no longer be providing energy, so you can no longer remain a Brighter World Energy customer. As you still need to receive an energy supply, you will be automatically transferred to Robin Hood Energy.

Do I have to stay with Robin Hood Energy?

No, you are free to move from Robin Hood Energy, at any time, without exit fees from today (21.12.2017)

Will my account balance be transferred?

Customers paying by fixed direct debit will have their balances transferred to Robin Hood Energy, customers with other payment methods will receive a final bill from Brighter World Energy and future bills from Robin Hood Energy.

Where can I find out more about the projects in Africa?

You can find out more on the Brighter World Energy Facebook page www.facebook.com/brighterworlduk

You can find out more about charity partner Renewable World and their incredible work here: https://renewable-world.org/

When will I receive a final bill from Brighter World Energy?

You will receive a final Brighter World Energy bill no later than 6 weeks from today (21.12.2017), or your move to another supplier. Any questions or concerns please call 0800 028 2332.

How do I access my online account after the transfer?

You can access historical bills until 21.02.2017 at www.brighterworldenergy.com in the ‘My Account’ section. If you remain with Robin Hood Energy you will need to register for a new online account.

Where can I get more information?

If you have any customer service questions, please email customerservice@brighterworldenergy.com or call us on 0800 028 2332.