Brighter World Energy

The first ever buy-to-give energy company.

About us

Brighter World began with a big idea and a bold intention – to create an energy company driven by a social conscience.

Our team is integral to that vision. Like you, we’re all energy customers, but we’re also global citizens.

We do not believe global problems are confined by borders.

We care about our own families, but we also care about the world around us. We want to use the power of our purchase to create a more fair and equal world – the kind of place we’d like to live.

The idea

Like most great ideas, ours started with a problem. Well, two actually:

3 out of 5

people in the UK are being


people globally, still have
no access to electricity, at all

We thought we could make the world a Brighter place for people in the UK and Africa.

Stop luring people in on cheap deals then hike up the price a year later. Bring communities together to
provide energy access for the most remote communities in the world.

We believe

Energy should be simple, fair and affordable

Everyone has the same right to access – no matter where you’re born

By coming together as a community we can tackle large global problems

Things we buy everyday without thinking can have a positive global impact

Work with us

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If you want to switch to us over the phone you can contact our freephone UK call centre from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, or Saturday 9am to 5pm on:

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