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A switch to Brighter World is quick, simple and hassle-free.

Our energy

We have one fixed and one variable tariff.

We’re committed to always charging the best possible price based on the current cost of wholesale energy.

gas and electricity


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electricity only


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* Estimates are based on the average annual usage for a UK customer with medium energy consumption (standard meters, 3,100 kWh electricity, 12,500 kWh gas), correct as of 22 January 2017.

Fairer energy

We want to prove your energy can go further.

Six major companies dominate the UK energy industry, but their customers are often paying too much.

We cut the cost of the ‘Big Six’ variable tariffs so you could save hundreds of pounds. We promise to always tell you about our cheapest tariffs.

If you could be saving, we’ll let you know so that your loyalty never means losing out.

How to make sure you're getting fairer energy deals

Switching made simple

Switch directly online, or call our UK call centre to make the change to a Brighter World.


Get a QUOTE: Enter your postcode at the top of the page for an estimated look at what you could save.


Complete your DETAILS: Choose a fixed or variable tariff and how you’d like to pay.


Click to SWITCH: You don’t have to speak to your current supplier, we’ll cover everything to ensure a smooth transition.

What our customers say

  • I just made the switch to Brighter World! So inspired by the work you're doing, and thank you for saving me £176 per year too!

    Dawn, London

  • Today I made my home and the home of others a little brighter! Great to have helped switch on the lights for someone in Africa and save almost £200 a year!

    Kelly, Oxford

  • That’s amazing! We saved around £20 a month and are happy our switch will help change lives around the world!

    Katie and Robert, Liverpool

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