Give brighter energy

Switch on the lights at home, switch on Africa.

Why energy matters

Lack of energy remains one of the biggest barriers to sustainable development.

Without energy, women give birth in the dark, their children study by toxic kerosene light and health centres cannot store medicines safely.

A switch to Brighter World will help bring solar power to families in the developing world for the very first time – a community of people here in the UK switches on a community in Africa.

Energy with impact

We’re on a mission to empower our UK customers to give back, without giving any more.



UK homes



on Big Six Tariffs



people in Africa

Energy enables development

Reliable access to energy enables the most basic services. Energy allows:

Streets and homes to be lit at night
Children to study into the evening
Vital vaccines to be stored safely
Water pumps to be powered efficiently
Small businesses to grow to help power their
nation’s economies
People to help themselves out of poverty

Light brings opportunities

If you’ve ever experienced a power cut, you know how difficult it is to function without electricity. But that’s the daily reality for more than a billion people around the world.

Lake Victoria is home to some of the poorest communities in the world and the national grid does not reach the families who live there.

Access to clean and reliable energy would allow fishermen to refrigerate their catch, to maintain the price of fish as the sun rises and ensure their work can sustain their families.

Witness your impact

Countdown 2000: We’ll let you know when your group of 2000 customers has been reached and your grid is triggered.

Show me more: You’ll see where your grid is, how it’s being rolled out and how it will change people’s lives.

Brighter impact: We’ll keep you updated about how your energy switch is empowering people to lead better lives.

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